ilovesoccer92: Shalom, I notice you talk about Hamas only working to kill civilians. You have a right to your opinion. But I'm not here to talk about opinions. I'm just going to state some facts on what's going on in the present. Hamas has so far killed 56 Israelis. 53 of them have been men who serve in the IDF. Three of them were civilians, may they rest in peace. The IDF has killed over 1,000 Palestinians. 74 percent of them have been civilians. A third of them children. May they also rest in peace. Salam.


You seem reasonable, so let me ask your opinion on a scenario.

Someone breaks into your home with a knife, with the intention killing you and your family.

Before this person is able to stab your child, you shoot them.

According to the prevailing logic, you are at sole fault.

After all, nobody in your family died. The would-be assailant lays dead on your floor.

Is this not disproportion response?

Death toll 0 vs. Death toll 1

Similarly, Hamas has launched over 12,000 rockets. Just this method of attack is 12,000 attempted murders.

Each of these is a war crime. Each of these is the murderer breaking into your house.

One more thing, though I’m saddened by the deaths of children during these past few weeks, I take great issue with the false claim that 75% of deaths are civilians. Especially when Hamas fighters dress as women, Hamas executes its civilians, and when Hamas misfires a rocket (one hit a playground today) the numbers can be significantly altered.

Take that into account in addition to the source of these statistics…


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